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Noel Burke: General Manager

Noel Burke General ManagerMaking a restaurant the place people want to frequent is what drives Noel Burke, General Manager of Elements Restaurant and Enoteca. With 20 years of restaurant and hospitality experience, Noel comes from the Washington, DC area where he has worked with many fine restaurants and restaurateurs. The Clyde's Restaurant Group, Sam & Harry's and the renowned L'Auberge Chez Francois, to name a few.

Most recently, Noel was General Manager of Julia's Kitchen at Copia in Napa where he was instrumental in establishing a small plates social hour, Sunday brunch and live jazz programs to help Copia and the Patina group achieve success.

Learning more about wine in the rich region of Napa is what initially attracted Noel to this area, but the fresh ingredients and quality of cuisine has peaked his interest even further. From fantastic food, great wine and sincere service to a magnetic atmosphere, Noel believes there's much to be said of "the complete experience" which is at the core of his managing philosophy.

"The objective is to enjoy where you go while enjoying what you do in a place that enjoys having you – that's what neighbors are for and that's what we would like to offer – a comfortable place with friends that care, not corporate customer service!"

With his industry experience and affinity for hospitality, Noel brings his enthusiastic approach to Elements Restaurant and Enoteca.

about us

Richard Poliak: Head Foodie, Wine Geek
Charles Weber: Head Chef
Noel Burke: General Manager

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