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Charles Weber: Head Chef

Charles Weber, Head ChefCharles Weber has been at the stove for over 30 years. From flipping burgers in high school to the executive chef in some of the top restaurants in America, Weber has epitomized the “chef as life” concept. Great restaurant names and great restaurateurs grace the history of Weber, including The Pump Room, Blackhawk Lodge, Park Avenue Café and Riva in Chicago, Left Bank in San Francisco and the illustrious Zuzu in Napa, California.

Weber has been called on for his restaurant consulting expertise in New Jersey, South Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Chicago.

While Weber’s culinary background is decidedly French, one would say his style is very diverse. He emphasizes cooking with the seasons and introducing seasonal products into a constantly evolving menu. His cooking background is strongly rooted in French classic technique, but his cooking mentality is cutting-edge contemporary. He has had many years to develop his own personal flair with upscale American cuisine, emphasizing regional culinary practices. A love for seafood often dominates his menus, which meshes well with his seasonal approach to the cuisine.

His Napa Valley experience expanded his culinary horizons with Spanish and Latin American cuisines, but the other major result of three years in Napa was his wine making adventures and the top winery owners and wine makers who became close and personal friends.

Weber’s experience culminates at Elements Restaurant & Enoteca where his renowned small-plate success at Zuzu will combine with an international menu and unique wines to provide new and exotic food and wine pairing opportunities.

about us

Richard Poliak: Head Foodie, Wine Geek
Charles Weber: Head Chef
Noel Burke: General Manager

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